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As there is a lot of money floating around, the prices of goods also increase in order to sustain the businesses, resulting in the increase of costs of raw materials which are needed for production. Glossary of Business Terms and Definitions A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z Abandonment: Abandonment is defined as the voluntary surrender of property which may either be owned or leased, without naming a successor as owner or tenant. Rate of interest: Rate of interest is the rate, as a proportion of the principal, at which interest is calculated. Low credit score loans are in demand as there has been a steady decline in the credit scores in the past couple of years. Spot markets: The spot market is a securities trading place where the goods are sold for cash and delivered immediately. Appurtenance: Anything attached to the land or used with it that passes on to the new owner of the land is known as appurtenance. To curtail cost, they resort to cutting back on hiring new employees, making capital expenditure, marketing and advertising expenditures, research and development activities, etc. Endowment funds: Endowment funds refer to the investment funds set up by an institution. This estimate is made by referring to previous sales figures, market trends and economic conditions prevalent. Costs: In business, costs refer to the value of money that has been utilized to produce a commodity, a service or a business asset, and hence, is not available for use any more for example, the cost of acquisition.

Power Road, Suite 101, and a location in Tempe at 521 S. College Avenue, Suite 9. Earnhardt Ford named Business of the Year The Chandler Chamber of Commerce gave Earnhardt Ford the 2016 Business of the Year award duringits 29th annual dinner honoring the best of its citys industry and leadership. The award was given during a ceremony at Wild Horse Pass Hotel& Casino. Also at the dinner, Chandler Police Sgt. Daniel Mejia received the James R. Snedigar Public Service award. Tempe Chamber of Commerce to add five members The Tempe Chamber of Commerce will add five new members beginning July 1.

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Thus, home equity loans and home equity lines of credit were no longer feasible. Venture capitalists usually come into the picture after the business has established a few basic operations. First and foremost, we thank you for the interest shown by you in our product use the product name. Opening sale: A transaction where the intention is to create a short position in a set of options. It is offered to veteran military personnel to help them and their families obtain home financing. If you seek information about a particular product or service, ask for it. For example, in 2008, Zimbabwe faced the worst case of inflation, which proved disastrous for its economy and led to the abandonment of its currency. Opening purchase: When an investor intends to create a long position in a series of options provided, the transactions made to this effect are known as an opening purchase.